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031-91090243 - 09130843882

Mehr Sanat Diar Noun Co.

Mehr Sanat Diar Noon Company is a consulting, designing and manufacturing of special electronic boards as well as various BLDC motors with its control board. The company has a high ability in supplying all types of electronic parts, required in big and small industrials and also acting in over sea trading.

Specifications of smart air conditioner motor

1. Automatic and manual control of air conditioner motor speed
2. Automatic temperature control of the building
3. Adjust engine speed in seven steps
4. Ability to connect to a mobile phone
5. It has a remote control
6. Easy to install)


Providing power services

Design of electronic boards

Instrumentation Engineering

Advice on designing specific electronic components

Design and manufacture of all kinds of spare parts and equipment of electric machines

Providing specialized electronic lab services

Supply and maintenance of specific systems

Providing the best trading and clearing services with the help of an expert team

Capabilities of Mehr Industrial Company

Manufacture and supply of special electronic components

Production and design of electronic boards

Custom parts import

Providing advice to increase quality and productivity

Equipping electronic systems

Manufacture and supply of spare parts for industrial equipment

Import of machinery for small and large industries

Providing specialized electronic lab services

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