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Mehr Sanat Diar Noun Co., has stablished since 2005 in field of designing, manufacturing and electronic parts suppling and has registered in 2014 by license No. 3817.

The company by focus on suppling of industrials main required parts, is cooperating with big manufacturers in world and has succeeded to receive European products expert license from (EU) export and economy union.

Now, the company by recognizing of customer requirements and supplying of high quality products in field of electronic parts, proves the best quality of its products.

Board records

Mohammad Tavakoli

Board member and CEO

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
Director of Isfahan Force Engineering, Repair and Maintenance Company


Custom parts import

Equipping electronic systems

Manufacture and supply of special electronic components

Production and design of electronic boards

Provide advice on increasing quality and productivity

Manufacture and supply of spare parts required for industrial equipment

Import machinery for small and large industries

Permissions and ratings

  • License to establish a production unit of the Khomeini Shahr Electricity and Electronics Industry Office
  • Certificate of membership in the Association of Electronics and Homogenous Industries
  • Receiving a commendation from the R&D unit
  • Business card and export / import license from Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • License to provide services from labor and social affairs organizations


Managing the Mehr Sanat Diar Nun Company While paying attention to innovation and creativity in the production of products, the company structure has a particular focus, since the creation of a structure for efficient and efficient use of resources must primarily be determined by management actions and activities. Hence, the organizational chart of the company is compiled and the tasks of each department are designed and specified separately.

Management: m.tavakoli@mehr-sanat.com

Financial Unit: a.naghiha@mehr-sanat.com

Business Unit: z.rahimi@mehr-sanat.com

Planning Unit: z.dehghan@mehr-sanat.com

production unit: F.salehi@mehr-sanat.com