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The address of Central office: Unit 6, 3rd Floor, Parse Building, Esmaeil zade Alley, 17 Shahrivar St., Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran 8514666967

The address of Central office 2:  Ground Floor, No.1, 22th Alley, Seyed Jamaloddin Asadabadi St., Yousef Abad , Tehran , Iran 1434864118

Factory Address 1: Postcode: 8418148712 , Electrical & Electronics Industrial City, Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan, iran

Factory Address 2: Next to the Board of Trustees, Foulad ST., Phase 2, Industrial Zone No. 1, Najaf Abad, Esfahan, iran 8516956953





Management Unit: m.tavakoli@mehr-sanat.com

Financial Unit: a.naghiha@mehr-sanat.com

Business Unit: z.rahimi@mehr-sanat.com

Planning Unit: z.dehghan@mehr-sanat.com

production unit: F.salehi@mehr-sanat.com

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We have always strived to introduce you to the core nature of the product away from stereotypical advertising and to respect your freedom of choice. With this perspective, the industry has been trying to provide you with a huge range of goods using the Internet world so that you can have the best choice at leisure, but you can form your own ideas to advance these goals. Send us the form below.

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